Monday, January 21, 2013

My first Finish!!

Started and finished within 8 days!! Last Thursday was my one friend's birthday and I had no idea what to give her. Paging through my old quilt magazines for ideas for new projects for my shop, I saw this lovely little wall hanging and light bulbs went on: she is a avid gardener and her sewing room has no pictures on the wall!

So I quickly prepared the applique and did the stitching and luckily I managed to stitch the binding on as well before we went on our trip, so on our way home I hand stitched the binding and the sleeve down. I did a bit of in the ditch quilting and meandering, sewed the buttons on and lastly added the hanger and was ready to surprise her!

From one thing to another: is it only me or are everyone suddenly experiencing a new feature of blogger: I can't upload images from my computer anymore.... luckily I now managed to figure out how to upload to Picasa Web Albums and then I can add the picture. Now I just need to learn to edit the picture on my cellphone before loading it.... so many new technology.....I'd rather sew!!

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