Saturday, January 26, 2013


Since about July last year I started looking out for a Singer Featherweight sewing machine..... WHY ? Simply because they keep on popping up on blogland and it looks so cute! I've never even seen one in real life except on various blogs and on the Singer Featherweight website but I fell in love. So living in South Africa presents it's own challenges in finding one. But perseverance paid off and after months of keeping an eye on online auction sites and classifieds I found one. Actually its the fourth one I found but the first one I bought. The first one was way to expensive, the second one was too far away, the third one slipped through my fingers and voila: the fourth one became mine!

Well, soon to be: it's paid for, but still in transit on its way to Cape Town. I bought it from a gentleman in Pretoria who said it belonged to his grandma. I am so excited! Hopefully I will receive it on Monday.....

Anyway, what happened to blogger? I use to be able to upload a picture from my computer to a post, but that is not an option anymore!?! So frustrating for me, since I'm not really Miss Technology you know....


  1. Karin try changing from using Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. You should be able to upload photos then.

  2. Congrats on your Featherweight! How great!
    I've had problems with blogger (explorer) too, but I did a blog post this morning and it worked perfect again.