Thursday, January 17, 2013


So the New Year began for all of us.... and a new season began in our lives. Our eldest daughter passed Matric very well and so she started her new life as a student at varsity. The one she chose is 1300 km  (800 miles) from home and so we drove up to take her and her belongings away.

Leaving a child behind that has been under your wing for 18+ years is not an easy thing to do. We left on the Saturday and boy, was I crying that Sunday morning when I woke up! The tears were just rolling down my cheeks: I had no control! Then my friend Lindi took me and sat me down on the couch and prayed for me: " Lord children is just on loan from You, they are not our possessions and we have to let go. You are in control and You will keep a watchful eye on my child for ever and ever."

That brought complete calmness over me and peace in my heart. God is so incredibly good!

I have been doing some sewing which I will show soon: a little wall hanging for a friend who had a birthday early in January


  1. Ah shame man, hope it gets better over time.

  2. The Lord will look after you as well, Karin, since you are that precious child's mother. With His help you'll be able to let go...
    I know... I had to let go two babies in or shortly after pregnancy and my four living children and they are all fine and doing very wel, as well as I am, which is a true blessing to me.