Friday, September 7, 2012

Fiddling around

I found this cute little bag pattern on a while ago and in the week I was feeling like something small to sew.... and I had fun sewing this little bag, even though the zipper was quite fiddly! The pattern is in German; between Google translate and my understanding of the language, I managed just fine!! I had German as a subject in High School, so five years of learning the subject paid off.... 20 years later.... LOL

The doctor and his wife was utterly thrilled by this quilt that I made them! That was so gratifying that they were so happy with the gift, a one never really knows if it would be to the persons liking. I might love it, but would they? And this time the answer is an emphatic YES!

Today is a GORGEOUS spring day here in Cape Town and my soul is so filled with joy and
                                                                         God bless!!


  1. Yes, it was a lovely day today! I love the Bunny Hill quilt, I just bought two charm packs of the same fabric, your quilt gives me some good inspiration of what to do with it!

  2. I love the zippered bag!

    Fall is definitely coming in my neck of the woods. I would much rather it be spring. =(