Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting in gear

I finally got into gear and started sewing again. Not without unpicking MORE than my fair share.... but what can you do? If your  quilt's backing puckers you can't ignore it...it is a quilt for our doctor who is having a baby girl on Friday.... so that is the reason why I was rushing... and then unpicking because the backing was making some pleats!
  I think the problem came in when I decided to use 2 layers of Hobbs's Heirloom 80/20 batting in stead of one. I just laid it out and smoothed the top over it and pinned it together. So I spent the whole morning unpicking, re-ironing and will only use one layer of batting now.

did you ever notice when you try to hurry that it seems like nothing goes right and it takes longer?

On Saturday my daughter asked me to make a pouch for her friend's birthday. The bottom one is the result: the top one I sewed 2 years ago for me to put all my travel documents in. My daughter chose the outlay of the fabrics and i just did the sewing and the applique. I had fun doing the little project.
Anyway, at least I'm on the go again....


  1. The baby quilt is darling! What a bummer with the puckering, though.

    I really enjoy small projects. I enjoy the instant gratification in getting something done quickly. =)

  2. The quilt is so cute, lucky doctor's baby!! The pouches are excellent, I just love the hedgehog!

  3. Lieflike beursies! Kan ek my bestelling ook insit :)
    Die baba kwilt is oulik.
    Ek het ook die geval gehad waar ek twee lae batting gebruik het, en die agterkant bly skuif het. Gelukkig was die projek vir myself, en ek sien die agterkant van die matjie nie te gereeld nie!

  4. Leuk dat etui, voor mij is zo'n klein project al een uitdaging... Snel snel werkt voor mij helemáál niet, alsof de duvel ermee speelt denk je dan :-)