Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting started again

Our last evening in Amsterdam was absolutely gorgeous! We walked through the city centre doing last minute shopping and ended up in this cafe having a typical Dutch beer. It was a beautiful summer's evening with not even a cool breeze blowing! I tried at least 4 times getting both my mom and me in the picture.... my arm was just about 5cm to short!

Well, our whole holiday wasn't perfect unfortunately, as we arrived in Amsterdam my dad phoned up to tell my mom that her best friend had past away: she had a aneurysm and just suddenly she is not with us anymore... This was my mom's friend that we made this quilt for: it was her 60th birthday in June and even though the quilt was done before her birthday we waited until her birthday to give it to her.... only God can see in the future: how could we possibly have known she would be able to enjoy it for such a short time?

Her memorial service was on Friday and it was so sad and final to say goodbye... my mom will surely miss her a GREAT deal.

So, I am really not motivated yet to get back into sewing... I tidied so well before I left, everything is packed away so neatly, that I am finding it difficult to figure out what WIP to take out and start working on...


  1. I am so, so sorry to hear about your mom's best friend. =(

  2. Welcome home. Sorry to hear about your mom's friend. Give her a special hug from me!