Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick, quick....

Last week Wednesday  my mom had supper with her lifelong friend,Carol, and Carol mentioned that her niece has terminal cancer, but this Friday is her birthday: what can they possibly give to her as a gift.... my mom suggested a quilt: and she volunteered her and me as the makers of this quilt.....

Well, 3 days of labour(of love) later we had the quilt top done and my dear friend(the long arm quilter) volunteered to quilt it immediately. God is so good! She didn't even hesitate when I asked her, even though they are leaving on holiday this Friday( she quilted it on Monday). Funny thing is: as my mom went to go and fetch the quilt, some bad guy tried to burgle her home....(luckily didn't succeed!)

Yesterday my mom sewed the binding on and is stitching it done by hand as I type! We used the disappearing nine patch block plus the flowers from a quilt that was published in a local magazine called STITCHES. My moms friend Carol supplied most of the fabrics plus we added a few pieces. I am so sure she will be happy with her gift as we are in the grips of winter and she can snuggle under this one! It is a single bed size quilt as one cannot judge by the picture.

Anyway, yesterday my dear friend Sylvia showed us how to sew the teddy bears up, mine is done, she just needs eyes, a nose, a bow tie and then I will show her to the world. My bears name will be Sylvia too!!


  1. I'm sure this quilt will be loved. This is so nice of you and your mom. It sounds like everything fell into place. It was meant to be! So glad your mom's home wasn't broken into. Sylvia sounds adorable!

  2. quilters are so generous! It is a beautiful quilt.

  3. That is a gorgeous quilt made with love! Hats off to you and your mom!