Monday, June 18, 2012

Working on something new

I have been contemplating the past couple of days if I should or shouldn't.... then on Saturday evening I decided I should. make a new Christmas quilt with the theme Christmas in July... can I finish this quilt this week and present it as a workshop in July????  Well I'll try my utmost, and since I spent the whole day just working on 3 of these blocks, it will not be a one morning thingy.... definitely 3 to 4 mornings....  as I only cut on Saturday night and sewed Sunday evening. My husband and son went to a rugby match and my daughters were studying for exams last night, so I had some lovely sewing time!

Some of the blocks look empty, I must still prepare the applique and stitcheries that I want to add. I  thought it is a nice idea to start early this year on a Christmas project, because come November, it is almost to late and one is so busy then that you almost don't have time!

So now I'm running off to the shop to buy something to for supper... the family must eat... and then I might just sew a few more easy blocks tonight....

Yesterday was Father's Day and we spent the day with my mom and dad, my  brother and his family and his  in- laws. What a brilliant day we had even though it was freezingly cold the company was just so pleasant!

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