Saturday, June 9, 2012

Making Teddy bears

A friend of mine is showing us how to make these teddy bears and here is my attempt... I'm going to make a rose and crazy patchwork bear, so first I cut half the bear from my roses fabric and now I'm stitching the crazy patchwork pieces. I'm adding a bit of braids, ribbons and laces and when those are all done, I'll be hand stitching some fancy stitches to finish of all the seams!

To 2 bears in the top picture is both Sylvia's creations, all though the one on the right hand side is mine! The one on the left was her very first one she made last year. Our guild had a brown bag challenge: You had to give 3 (NOT your ugliest) fat quarters and then you received another persons fabric and make something.... Sylvia choose to make this bear in stead of a quilt - she even named him : Moffie..... (she is very much a tongue in the cheek kind of person!)

Further more not much going on: still knitting my squares for the orphanage - snug under a quilt because Cape Town is COLD!