Friday, March 23, 2012

Working on UFO's

I've really been busy working on old projects! And you can probably call it an old project if it were in the cupboard for 5 years. Well, my daughters quilt is together, I still need to sew the outside border. It consists of 4.5 inch squares which needs triangles on the 2 outer corners.
While I didn't have the time to cut the squares to use for that border, I pulled my Kaleidoscope from underneath my quilt frame and restarted that. No picture...sorry...maybe tomorrow! 3 rows went together today, so I might just get the centre done over the weekend! The centre consists of 7 rows. Then I need some fill in diamonds to make the quilt square and then I can add borders. It is just strange how tiring it was to sew those 3 rows. But I fell into a very bad habit.... taking afternoon naps on the couch... and I missed out today!

This picture is my charm quilt that I started many moons ago... I dare to say at least 6 years ago. All I need is 13 more triangles in cream(3 different creams to a triangle) and then I can put it all together. My aim is to have the 13 triangles done before we go on holiday end April, so I can work on it as we drive. Well, if I will accomplish my goal,we'll see!

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