Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crafts @ Church

In the beginning of December we had a women's evening @ church where we talked about sharing the Gospel through your craft, and my quilts were exhibited. The first picture is my scrappy Bargello. I used 10.5 meters of fabric just in the squares!! I cut my strips 1.5 inches wide and I used ANY color - the only method in the madness was: every fabric touching the next one had to match. I think it worked! The quilt almost have a 3 dimensional effect hanging on the wall. It usually lies on our bed.

The other ones are just a few wall hangings I made through the years....but no more - since there is no more space on the walls! From left to right: my Storm @ sea made with beautiful Jim Shore fabric featuring Noah's Arc, my Christmas log cabin " Let the angels sing: Christ is born"; my ugly fabric challenge quilt (I won 1st prize!), my "Love is..." and lastly my quilt called "Keep the home fires burning".

I also had to give a talk (my first ever!) and you knew: it is actually so easy talking about what you really enjoy doing!! Not that I wasn't nervous: my left leg felt as if it was doing the shake,rattle and roll...I was so glad I was wearing a shirt to hopefully hide that!!

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  1. Wow, well done! Love your Bargello quilt! A real work of art!