Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Goals...

I am so busy reading other people's blogs, seeing collages of their finishes for 2011 and goals for 2012, that I started thinking about my UFOs and goals for 2012...

Well, first up, I am working on a sewing machine cover that I want to present as a workshop very soon. I'm trying my best to make it a real heirloom, so I am not rushing it!

Secondly, I started a spiderweb quilt from all my scraps in blue and green, with a funny sort of greenish purple blue as my accent fabric - I'm so looking forward to see the end result.

Not to forget the Bloggers Quilt along that I got myself into!

Then, I have already loaded a quilt on my Bernina frame that needs quilting, but I also don't want to rush it, as I want this quilt to be VERY special - I just love the colors I used!

Last year my daughter sewed some log cabin blocks, I put them together, added borders and applique, sandwiched it and now it is just waiting to be quilted....

I saw some people (like Pat Sloan) piled up all their UFOs and photographed them.I am too lazy for that!

I can easily think of a few...
1.Lindie (my eldest daughter)'s quilt...maybe I should give it a try again: I have lots more experience now!
2.Hexagons... tricky project, but I loved it when I started
3.Charm quilt... more done than undone...
4.Chickens... do I really want to finish this?
5.Pink Piglets...actually, I can finish this in a week if I try
6.Dresden quilt.. still need to figure out outside border's applique...
7.Two Christmas quilts...on the one I've done quite a bit, the other one I still need to start!


  1. I like your spider-web quilt! The fabrics are wonderful! Good luck with all your UFOs! I have quite a few myself. I think that one needs to be inspired to finish big projects. Its no use putting pressure on oneself to finish something, that steals the joy of crafting :)

  2. Good luck with your projects for 2012. Hope you will have a lot of finishes during the year that you can brag about :)

  3. Thanks Ailsa & Elzaan, my goal is just to finish a few, because I know tempation will strike and I will start something new...