Saturday, January 8, 2011

I have been away from blogland quite a while!

Well, firstly I would like to wish everybody a blessed 2011! May you and your families have a year of love and laughter!

We spent almost every Christmas with my parents at their holiday house in Lambert's Bay - it is on the West Coast in South Africa ( the first picture!) The second picture is Christmas lunch... unfortunately one cannot see my mother: her face is behind my eldest daughter Lindie.
I took the I am not on it either!!
Can anybody help me please? I am not that computer literate so bear with me please! How can I load an image on blogger, write a paragraph or two AND then upload another image beneath everything I have typed all ready. Every time I upload a new image it goes right to the top of my draft and I don't know how to move it! It really frustrates me! I have tried twice to write a new post but with all the struggling I gave up! I have loads of stories that I want to share and I like to add an image to make it more interesting!
Anyway, my dear husband is snoring away and I think I will drift off to dreamland soon as well!
Go over to Cornfield Quilter and see her result from Roll Roll Cotton Ball (the mystery from Bonnie Hunter....Quiltville's Quips and Snips) ... I just LOVE her end results....well she still needs to add the final border.....BUT it is stunning! Well done girl!
Good night from a sunny South Africa!

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