Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When I was a child I could never understood why my grandmother didn't sleep well - I love sleeping and never had a problem with fallen asleep with the blink of an eye........ but for some reason I just can't sleep these days. By late afternoon I am an walking zombie dragging my feet around the house...and then when I go to bed my mind starts racing about my to-do-list for 2011.

So I decided to make a list: maybe seeing it black on white will give me peace...and then hopefully sleep!

1) I made up 6 kits to sew up a reproduction of a Dutch Quilt I saw in Ann Moonen's book The History of the Dutch Quilt. One of them I am sewing up as a sample. It is very time consuming and I am very impatient. I want to get it done but I am just so busy with the kids and organising our house that I don't get enough sewing time. Today I counted my blocks and divided it in quarters - so my goal is to sew a quarter a weekend????

2) Tommorow morning 2 friends are coming over and we will be stitching our bags. I will post a picture soon. But we are making 2 bags each - fully lined and PVC coated to keep it clean.

3) After my grandmother passed away last year, I started embroidering around photos to make my mom a memory quilt. I would like to finish it in August to present to my mom - will publish a picture of my work done as well!

4) My daughter is stitching up 20 log cabin blocks for me to make up kits as well. She has completed 11 blocks and the other 9 needs to be done by Sunday as Monday school starts again. (we had our long summer holiday now1)

5) Quilt the border of my friend Lisa's quilt

6) Thde cats quilt need to be basted and quilted....and binding

7) My friend Karin made a quilt for her daughter and I need to quilt it. King size I think. It must be done by 12 March because that is the wedding gift!!

8) Need to add the border to the quilt I posted on in December, quilt and bind!!

9) Stitch binding to 5 placemats and ask my friend Zelda to do handstitching.

How about that? Think I might be busy?

This is how I feel...



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