Friday, December 17, 2010

This is the entrance at our front door! The little quilt is my Candle mat received from Marit in Sweden, the lovely Amish family is a gift from the USA (Rockford Illinois), the tin I bought at Walmart in 2007 when we went to the Spring Quilt Festival in Chicago, the lovely little house is a handmade gift from a friend (all Japanese fabrics we bought in France when we visited Patchwork Europe and the birds nest the kids found in our garden! And the beautiful Singer we bought at a auction a few years ago. The lady that sold it came to me afterwords to tell me it was recently serviced and in 100% working order. They just didn't have enough space anymore. I sensed the departing was somewhat emotional for her. I could sense that.... shame....

Anyway, yesterday a friend came over and as if I don't have enough UFO's we cut not one but 2 bags to make during the holidays. I will post pictures later today, now I want to go to the shops EARLY (to avoid the mad rush!) for last minute Christmas gifts!

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