Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I can't believe the time I spend reading blogs! My favourites are Quiltville and then the Dutch blogs! I just can't get enough! It is almost like looking forward to my soapie for the day! My heart is broken for Supergoof who lost her precious Yeppe last week..... this morning my one dog had like a fit and I realise it can happen so quickly! But I am glad to report that Frodo is fine lying under my quilt frame!

I have also been busy stitching for a change! I saw last year on a blog and worked out the pattern on now I am stitching the third quarter of the quilt! I am really trying my best to finish it before Christmas!

A lot of my light fabrics was what got this project started! In January a lady from the country side phoned me to ask if I would buy over her stock because her shop was too quiet and she couldn't afford the financial outlay any longer and she was pregnant with her third child. A lot of her fabric was older designs and that was just what I needed!! So I had a huge sale to sell most of the fabric immediately and I kept quite a bit for myself and this project was born!

We are experiencing a hot summer and today is no exception. My son and his friends were swimming until ten o'clock last night playing Marco Polo! What a racket!! But they were enjoying themselves and because it is school holidays the noise didn't bother the neighbors.....I think

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