Thursday, April 1, 2010

Almost to the day, 3 years ago my friend and I flew to the States to visit our first International Quilt Festival. Flew into JFK in Washington DC and then on to Harrisburg PA where we rented a car. Travelled up to Mountain Top to visit Quilters Quarter, a shop I use to buy from via the Internet! Sadly they closed down recently. From there we drove down to Intercourse to visit Amish country side and buy some fabric! We were delayed in Harrisburg for7 hours before flying to Chicago because of snow... we missed our first lecture at Quilt Festival!! We made it just in time for Caryl Bryer Fallert's lecture!! We spent 3 days at Festival and the beauty and quality of the quilts was simply fasanating!

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  1. I hate tension problems, hope you can get a perfect quilting stich soon.
    Mooi bly en groete uit Texas.