Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is a quilt I made for my mom's birthday in 2005 or 2006(I'm not sure!) to hang in her kitchen. Her theme is ducks and the one wall was still bare.... so it needed a quilt!!

Sorry for the poor quality picture. I took it with my cell phone...

I am trying very hard too organise (neaten) our house. We just had a huge cupboard built in for all my fabric and sewing stuff. We had to move all the furniture out and all my sewing stuff........we then went on holiday with our house in that state. I wasn't afraid of a burglary - I think they would recon they are too late because the house is in shambles all ready!!

Well we are back and somehow order needs to be created.
After 2 days of packing, my cupboard is organised and I am ready to start my first project! 2 friends are having a birthday in a weeks time. For the one I am making a mug bag and for the other a sewing mat for her machine. Pictures to follow soon!!

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