Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here is a picture of an UFO that I completed last year!
I finally learned how to upload my pictures from my cell to the computer!!

December last year I bought the 820 plus the quilting frame with dreams of all the quilting fun I was going to have......... unfortunately to say things turned out differently. Poor tension and uneven stitches demotivated me. My other machine is a Artista 200 without BSR and I think my quality of work was much better!!

Earlier today I read Mercia's blog Tropical Applique and saw that she also had some problems with the needles, thread and tension. Well, I just finished unpicking a quilt because of very poor tension.

I did go and see my dealer and we did spend a whole afternoon playing with thread and tension, but I still am not completely satisfied with the results. The BSR does not give me a desired result either.

I have an extra bobbin case for my 200 (As Diane Gaudynski advises) and was quite comfortable playing around with tension - but on the 820 I just don't seem to get it perfect! I own both her books and love the free-motion process. On the 820 it is a total different ball game..... which I am struggling with!!


  1. ¡Hellow!
    I've seen your hand work and I love it.
    I hope you visit my blog and we'll keep in touch.
    See you, bye-bye to España!!!

  2. Hello again!
    As you can see there is a translate in my blog.
    I hope the translation make you understand my spanish words.
    Thank you for your advice.
    Will keep in touch.
    Bye, bye.

  3. I have an 820 also and struggle with the tension. I have to tighten the bottom tention and also have to pay attention to needles and thread. If you want somemore insights into this machine check my blog for my email address. I would love to give you insights into the 820 if you would like.

  4. Take the 820 off the frame and replace it with a plain straight stitch machine- and then get lessons on how to use the thing. I'll bet the person who sold you the set up never told you that you need around 400 hours of practice to get even remotely good- and that you cant do much more than simple narrow pantos.Bernia overdid it big time this time!

  5. Un trabajo original y alegre .Felicidades