Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is the quilt that started me off!!
We went to Disney World Orlando for a family holiday in 2003. My mom has been to Orlando twice previously and she discovered Jo-Ann store in Kissimee. Back in South Africa she went to a quilt exhibition and saw this quilt. She found the owner and asked if she could have the pattern and then asked me to buy the fabric In the States!
I spend almost half a day in the shop and just couldn't get enough!! I bought all the fabric my mom needed plus a few extra pieces for myself. Back in South Africa I didn't have enough fabric that went together to make anything........I went to our local shops to buy some additional fabric but the prices was way more pricy than in the States.
I started looking on the Internet to buy fabrics in the States and so my business started. That means my business is 6 years old allready!!
My mom made this quilt and it is now hanging in her holiday house for all to admire!!


  1. Hola soy Alicia , es un trabajo maravilloso ehorabuena.ALI

  2. Beautiul quilt. I went back to SA last year for a visit and bought some of the traditional blue and white fabrics. Can't wait to make a blue and white quilt.
    Lekker kwilt!