Sunday, March 15, 2009

Everyday I spend literally hours in front of my computer reading quilters blogs from all over the world in stead of working on my UFO'S !! And boy, do I have a lot!! I can show you something I have completed in January! I think I worked on this one almost 4 years! In my defense I would like to say that I don't really like handwork.........I would much rather sew on my machine.

I would like to share a tragic experience that I had on Thursday. I have a dear friend who I pray with every Thursday morning before we both lead our separate Bible study groups. She always comes to my house @ 08h15 and we have a cup of tea together and chat before we pray together. This week was no different and we had a very special time!! I walked her to her car and she got in and even stated the car. Then she said:" I suddenly feel dizzy!" And within minutes she past away from this world to her heavenly home! I phoned the doctor up the road and the ambulance but sadly she had such a huge seizure that nothing could be done to save her.
The reality was that she was a healthy person. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health just 6 weeks ago!
We suspect it was either a stroke or an aneurysm.
my life will never be the same again, but God gave us that very special time together and I will cherish that as long as I live!!

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  1. What a BLESSING for you to be with her as she passed only very special people can be part of LAST MOMENTS!