Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today is my first post! I don't consider myself a very keen writer, but I will surely give it my best!
My kids are on holiday( a stay at home holiday mostly) and keeping them busy is my goal. We have an arrangement where they get a day to do whatever they want to and the next day is my day off! That gives me time to do what I enjoy as well! I am busy quilting a quilt for a friend, She made a beautiful Noah's Ark. A African Noah's Ark! As soon as I am done (maybe today) I will ask her permission to show a pic! I am just stippling so it is going fairly fast!
Than I would really like to start finishing 2 of my own UFO's! Both has a house theme and both just needs quilting and binding!!
Well, I think I will start stippling right away!

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