Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What excites me

The waiting and opening of every new shipment that I receive! The moment I place my orders the excitement starts. Then I wait for the slip from the Post office to say my package arrived or FedEx contacts me and I owe them money for import duty and VAT. I gladly pay as I know delivery gets closer!

The day the package arrive is my excitement! Unpacking everything (quite often something new!) gives me a thrill! If it is new fabrics I get to organise them into my shop ( that way I become familiar which each new piece). That is then also the reason why it is so easy for me sometimes to immediately pull out the "right" fabric for a client. I know exactly what I have....

If new gadgets, books and other notions arrive, I try out the ones that intrigues me and sometimes a new workshop gets born out of it. Books are my favourites; but I never keep anything for myself, I always reorder and wait my turn off..... Just the excitement of seeing something new is enough for me!


  1. I know the feeling.... Its great, I feel like a kid again!