Monday, December 10, 2012


This lovely layered cake was baked especially for me by my daughter on my birthday! She divided the batter into 4 bowls, colored each one slightly more than the previous and voila: a very beautiful cake! I was so impressed with her skills... she didn't follow a picture or anything, she just played with the coloring. I've seen some rainbow cakes, but this idea was new to me! Thank you sweetheart!(Not that she reads my blog, but still!)

And then I made this Bronwyn Hayes bag as a gift for my aunt. She saw my bag 2 weeks ago at my mom's 70th birthday and was really admiring it, so I offered to make her one. I thought I should do it immediately, as it was their son's wedding on Saturday and then I would she her again (they live about an hour and a half's drive away from us...) So I e-mailed her some suggestions of fabric choices and she choose the red as her background fabric. She also loves olive green, so I tried to bring it in as much as possible with the applique. I had so much joy making this bag, as I knew she really wanted it and my stitching was purposeful!
She was absolutely over the moon when I presented it to her on Saturday! An effort worth the while!
Now what to do? I have two tops that I can quilt, but Cape Town is so hot at the moment, I'm not up for it.....

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  1. Hi Karen, I have enjoyed visiting your lovely blog. The cake looks beautiful and delicious and the bag you made is gorgeous! Wendy