Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Finish and a start

I managed to finish this quilt yesterday morning: all I had to do was stitch the last row! I was just not up to it the previous day, my sinus headache was driving me crazy! Well, there is a first time for everything: this quilt was made on the bias, so that means the edges are more stretchy than the middle part and that was quite a challenge to get it on the frame. I did it, did a bad job, took it down and tried again.... took me a whole day! Had to use a LOT of pins to pin the top edge to the backing and binding: never learned how to tack it down with the machine. Unfortunately. Anyway, I used wool batting and the quilt came out lovely. The lady came to fetch it today, so it is off my shoulders. Hooray!

After I took that quilt of the frame, I could take my machine off the frame and start quilting my eldest daughter/s quilt. She doesn't like a densely quilted quilt, so we discussed it and she wants quite a bit stitch in the ditch quilting and that I  need to do on the dining room table.... got a helper... didn't help much: I couldn't move the quilt! See Sandy on the floor next to my chair? I love it ;having a shadow where ever I move.
I got just over half of it done, couldn't do anything today, might have a chance tomorrow: we'll see!


  1. Lovley cats, lovely quilt!
    Thank you for visiting, it is so good to see other blogs, and I am going to follow yours.

  2. You did a nice job on the top quilt! It looks great....=)

    Thanks for your encouragement...I'm glad we are friends. =)

  3. The quilt came out beautifully. Well done. You "Catsistant" is beautiful! I also have three helpers!