Saturday, June 30, 2012

OPAM 2012

Done and dusted! Finished the quilt I'm naming Christmas in July. The only thing I didn't do was to add a lable. Three little stitcheries, three appliques and the rest all pieced.
For the first time ever I quilted some freehand feathers. Had fun doing it! I really don't need another Christmas quilt, so I might gift it to someone or donate.... will see.. I'm sure the right person will come to mind.

I also managed to finish up Sylvia (my crazy patch teddybear) My son took this picture of Sylvia, Sandy (my living teddybear the St Bernard) Frodo (little black mop) and me.... In this picture Sylvia still has the BIG black eyes which I thought was a bit too much, so I cut them off and attached smaller shinier eyes.

As you can see in this picture. I'm not really completely happy with her eyes, but I'm also too lazy to make the embroidered eyes. So she might sit like this for a while and then I might change it. I'll see...

I've got the flu and I'm feeling quite run down, so I spent most of today in bed. I managed a few hours of sleep and a lot of time on the laptop checking out some blogs. I found a few I've never seen before and then  also read a few of my favourites. Blogland can really make a day dissappear!


  1. I love your Christmas in July quilt. Beautiful! I also think Sylvia looks nice too! Hope you feel better. I hate being sick!!

  2. Ik hoop dat je wat opknapt.
    Je kerstquilt is echt heel erg mooi geworden!! Wat een motivatie heb je, als je hem eigenlijk zelf niet nodig hebt...

    Grappig lappenbeertje, ik heb van zulke beren wel patronen, maar daar blijft het bij :-)

  3. Well done on Christmas in July, its beautiful! Sylvia is adorable too!

    Hope you feel better soon. Take care and God bless.

  4. Hello Karin, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog.
    I love your quiltwork and tthe sweet bears you've made. I understand the eye-problem, but they are cute anyway!
    Greez from Corrie

  5. Karin your Christmas quilt is just beautiful! I love your color choices and the addition of the stitcheries - they always add so much to a quilt. blessings, marlene

  6. Hi Karin,

    Your bear is so lovely!

    How sad to read about your cat, it's so difficult to loose a pet ... Hug!