Monday, May 7, 2012

Blissful holiday

What a beautiful country we have! We went to the Drakensberg Mountains near Underberg in Kwazulu Natal for a week. What a long drive, but SO worth it! We hiked in the mountains, went horseback riding, played tennis, putt-putt and even paintball. The kids even swam in the small heated pool, but I didn't have a bather there... This photo was the view from the patio of the resort. It was so incredibly beautiful! We had tea and scones there 3 mornings in a row, we had meals there and the farewell barbeque. It was the best holiday in a long time! We arrived home on Saturday night and oh the bliss of sleeping in your own bed again! The dogs and cats were so glad we were home: both cats slept right on top of me! The dogs spent the night at my bedside(if the St Bernard were any smaller...she might have been in my bed too!)Well, the small black one was in my bed, but that was a bit much with the 2 cats on top of me...
Yesterday I spent most of the day doing the laundry and even managed to catch up on the 2 blocks that I was behind in the Blogger Block of the Month! My husband had to go into the office and the kids were catching up on homework, so I had free time...which I so enjoyed! I also made some progress on a UFO while we were away: I sewed done the binding on a quilt, but it still needs some stitching in the ditch before it is done ... so no photo's yet!


  1. Love the berg! Spent many happy holidays there.

    1. You are so lucky to be closer by: we travelled 1700km to get there!!