Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OPAM 2012

This crazy patchwork handbag I started in 2005! Can you believe I finally finished it? And I had fun finishing it? My other daughter likes it so much her comment was: "thanks so much mom, you shouldn't have!"
Remember when I posted I think end February about the old age home rummage sale that we went to? I bought the 100% wool rugwool there and started crocheting a carpet? Well, I finished that too and my cats and doghs just love it!
Then I was spending a lot of time on the Internet blog surfing and came upon something I haven't seen before: in stead of finishing one project a month this lady suggest STARTING a new project every month - nevermind when you finish it... and I am always up for a new project, so I fired away: These pineapple blocks are 4.5 inches finished. The quilt top is now finished, but this one I would like to hand quilt, so I will be going for classes soon.
Lastly, while my hubby was away(that's why I got so much done in the evenings: I was so lonesome!) my small doggie and my one cat was my sleeping partners and are quite willing to lie so close together as long as they are allowed on the bed!


  1. Your daughter is confused. I am pretty sure that the purse is mine. =) LOL!

  2. One more thing...The pineapple quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!

    1. Thanks Amy, you're a sweetheart!

  3. Lieflike pynappel kwilt. Ek hou van die kleur-kombinasie. Die handsak is baie mooi, en die matjie is te koslik! 'n Mens kry nogal baie gedoen wanneer manlief nie daar is nie...