Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thrift shopping

This morning my mom and I went to a rummage sale at an retirement village close by. It started early: 7 o' clock, and I completely forgot! I was busy gearing up to go cycling with my husband and his group of friends went the phone rang. It was my mom asking if I was still going to the sale,as it was only 06h30 and the cars were queueing all ready! I asked my husband if we could postpone the cycling by an hour as I REALLY would love to go...he reluctantly said yes and after raiding HIS wallet I quickly went down to the retirement home!(Only a 3km drive)

It is a German place and we found some real treasures! I love the and regularly see what Corry and Heleen are up to and on the 29th of Feb Corry post about the beautiful crochet work of I was fascinated by the vibrancy of the colours. I actually don't crochet, but my mom does, and I thought I would like to ask my mom if she could make it... I asked her and she said it is very easy she will show me how! And look at the beautiful colours I got this morning!

I also bought some 100% pure wool used for rug hooking....but since I definitely don't rug hook... I am now crocheting a rug! I first tried my hand at knitting a rug and then my mom said I could also crochet one. I tried that out too and I liked the result much more than the knitted version, so now I am crocheting too! (I never thought that day would come!) One ball of wool is almost finished! SO is my skin on my forefinger - only one sheen of wool a day or my skin will come off.

My mom bought these beautiful laces: it was made up in a bag, and as she picked it up another lady almost grabbed it from her hands! She paid R15 ($2) for the bag.What a bargain! I also got some wool for tapestry work, which I have no idea what to do with. But is is still good old German made wool! I love it! We had so much fun in half an hour and I only spend $20! I bough a little chair as well decorated with traditional German paintwork called bauernmalerei. I one leg is broken, so I am considering chopping all the legs off and making a wall hanging out of it!

Here all my treasures are laid out:
(one can hardly see the beautiful hankies in the left corner... sorry, the lighting is poor!)

I was back home in 45 minutes and then we went cycling by ourselves: 45 km. Now my hubby is taking a afternoon nap and I should too, as we have a 40th birthday party tonight!

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