Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's Puppy of the day is a Pekingese.... and I fondly remembered mine. She was a thoroughbred so the people I bought her from insisted on a Chinese name... so we called her Mulan (like the movie: our kids were still small and all could pronounce Mulan. Sadly she passed away at the age of 2 of a stroke one night. She was followed by a doggie that we adopted from the SPCA which had the name Frodo(Lord of the Rings) all ready so we kept the name. Well, Frodo is about 10 years old, blind in the one eye and severe arthritis on the one side, but still my shadow everywhere I go! I just love fluffy dogs! My husband once said that should reincarnation be possible, he would love to be my dog in his next life, since there is no better life!!

Today I decided to build a house from http://buildinghousesfromscraps.blogspot.com/. I saw it and fell in love straight away. I then designed the house in EQ5 and finally had the chance today to make one. Well, as much as I love it, I desided to keep the idea on ice for a while as I have so many other projects going that I would rather finish!!

And lastly I took a picture of the quilting of my Pinwheels tablerunner that I hope to finish tomorrow so that I have one OPAM finish for February! I found the idea for the quilting design in the book valled Modern Quilting designs.


  1. Ek self het goeie herhinneringe van troeteldiere wat ons al gehad het. My gunstelling herhinnering is van ons Dalmation - Spots - wat gereeld ge"glimlag" het en baie lief was vir aandag.
    Jou huisie en die kwiltwerk lyk fantasties!

    1. Hi Elzaan, het julle nou enige troeteldiere daar in Mauritius? Dankie vir die kompliment! Mooi bly!