Saturday, April 30, 2011


My mom and I arrived in Amsterdam just in time for the Queens Day celebrations!! And what a party it was! Our hotel is situated right on the Thorbeckplein where a stage was set up for the DJ and 2 huge beercanteens was built on the day of our arrival! Our hotelroom window is right above all the action! The party 36 hours of loud party music, singing, dancing and drinking! What spirit the Dutch people have! They played quite a few Dutch songs and the whole crowd would be singing along!! I loved it!!

My mom and I both have a bit of a cold, but tomorrow might be a very pleasant day so we are planning on going to Keukenhof.... al depends on how my mom feels - her chest is quite sore today!

On Wednesday we rent a car and then we go to the Open European Quilt championships in Veldhoven!! I'm really lokking forward to it!

But the real reason we came to Amsterdam is to pay final hommage to my dearest grandmother who past away last year August. We will do that on Tuesday.

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