Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today I noticed for the FIRST time the spelling error in the heading of my previous post!! Busy Busty??? Bee??? It sounds weird?? and I never noticed!! Busty is an acknowledged word so spelling checker won't throw it out!! But spelling checker is NOT a GRAMMAR checker.............

Anyway, life is still continuing at about 100 miles per hour and my personal sewing time is down to almost ZERO. On Wednesday we had a workshop on how to make chenille and mine will be turned into a basket since I am not that fond of a handbag( I am forever looking for my stuff in a handbag so I found the ultimate solution ......a Z Becky Brown Bag!!) It is just big enough to hold my essentials! And I can change the insert to go with my outfit!!

Hopefully by next Wednesday I will be able to post a picture of my first finish for 2011! The other workshop that I did was called "The Pink Piglets" which I actually wanted to finish this week but I just didn't have a chance! The week ahead doesn't look very prosperous timewise but I will try!!

Anyway I also signed up for the blog "Sew it Finished" and I would really like to post there as well!! I just need a finish!!

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