Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What are the chances you visit a Quilt Festival halfway around the world to see your quilt chosen to be displayed on the banner??
In August 2 friends and I decided(on the spur of the moment!) to visit Europe Patchwork in France in September. When we looked through the brochure I saw that the MY PLACE travelling exhibition would be on display. I knew my quilt was part of it ... but HUGE was my surprise when we finally got to France and saw that my quilt was chosen to be published in the Festival booklet PLUS on the banner of the venue where the My Place exhibition
took place!
My quilt is the one with the chicken on the lady's back. I called it "Piggyback". It is a black woman piggybacking a chicken somewhere in South Africa!
We first went to a Quilt Exhibition in Deventer (Holland) for a week and then we went to France. We had a ball of a time in Deventer! We met up with my folks who were there as well because my gran use to live in Amsterdam but she passed away in August so my parents were there for the funeral and to finalize her earthly possessions.
Because my roots are Dutch I love Holland! We saw a beautiful Dutch Quilt on the exhibition and my mom and I both bought a stack of Dutch fabric! I managed to work out a similar pattern on EQ5 and my mom started making the quilt today.
Today I finished the top of my Candle Mat fot the swop! Hopefully tomorrow I can quilt it!!

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