Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Small things

Small things amuse small minds.... so they say... well, I'm guilty! As I was driving to Riebeeck Kasteel to set up my shop as a vendor, I noticed on my odometer that my kilometers were reaching a rhytmic number... and I took a  picture  033330 .... not everyday that happens.... well, as I say, small things.....
On to other small things: my husband and I am watching the series of The Mentalist in the evenings and my hands are so bored! So, well prepared as I am when it comes to quilting, I pulled out my 50 sheets of photocopied hexagons(made about 3 years ago), got my paper scissors and started cutting. Quite a tedious job doing that accurately... scratched through my stash and LOW and BEHOLD: started a new project! Brown and red will be my color scheme: either a brown or red centre of my little flower and the same for the background block, with a floral to make up the flower. Can you see my helper: thinks the ironing board is hers.... moans if I need the space! Love her to bits!

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