Monday, September 17, 2012

Something old and something new

Something new!! I've had this range of fabric in for quite a while and for some reason it is not really moving.... but I loved it right from the start(well that is probably why I bought it for the shop!) I've also been admiring this pattern made up in crosses for a long time and Saturday evening I had a bright moment.... worked out the pattern, cut the fabric and laid it out. This is one of those patterns where your layout must be complete before you start sewing. I used 11 long quarters which I cut up
completely in 3 inch strips vertically and then sub cut 8 inch blocks and 3 inch blocks. I think of all the fabric I have 4 or 5  three inch blocks left!!

I started sewing on Saturday evening ( i had such terrible tooth ache I couldn't sleep) sewed a bit on Sunday evening, went to the dentist first thing Monday morning(ahhh... relieve!!) and sewed for the rest of the day and finished the top last night. Will only be doing straight line quilting on this one. I saw a few of these quilts on the Flickr group FRESH MODERN QUILTS and as it appealed to me there, I will try and stick to it!

On Saturday morning I finished all my blocks for the BLOGGER BOM and am so happy to be up to date. I really don't know what I will be doing with it once it is done.... might finish it into a table topper for my sister-in-law... that is if she likes it. She lives on a farm and has a big kitchen table that it might work on!


PS I haven't abandoned the project I was working on last week, might pick it up today..... or will I be basting the new quilt top????

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