Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter weekend

We went to Lambert's Bay for the weekend and spent most of our time indoors(eating, reading and sleeping!) but when the sun came out we visited this Funky Taste buds restaurant! Their cappuccinos were absolutely divine!! I had 2 in a row - one was just not enough! Their decor and vibe was so nice - even my dad enjoyed it there...he can be a bit of a pain in a restaurant( he finds a reason to complain...but even he complimented the place on their lovely decor, good coffee and tasty food!) If you live in South Africa, this place is sure worth a visit!

It was mostly rainy and cold, so we didn't do much, except eat to much! But I loved this restaurant and wanted to share it with everyone!

I'm busy quilting a quilt on my frame and must say I am not enjoying it. I bought the Bernina 820 plus the frame, and still not much joy. Everything went okay for the first three quarters of the quilt and then my top thread started breaking. Tried a new needle(though I find it ridiculous that one needle can't quilt a full quilt... now I don't know what the problem is. So utterly frustrating. And my dealer always seems to think the operator is the problem, so I don't even want to ask her. I really don't like her attitude... my mom suggested I sell the frame... not a bad idea!

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  1. Can't help you with your quilt frame. I'm still frustrated with mine. I know mine is due lack of experience and knowledge, but I find no joy is working with something that leaves me frustrated while I try to figure it out! *sigh*