Monday, February 6, 2012

Work in progress...

After finishing the sewing machine cover I was quite amped to start working on the spider web quilt! So last week I was sewing away and after completing all the triangles, I started the layout.... and realised I made a huge calculation error: every block consists of 4 triangles and NOT 2!! So my quilt is smaller than I planned... but the upside is a finished block is bigger than I thought! So all in all it will work out, because I will be adding an inner, a wide and a small outer border. My backing fabric is pre-chosen; so that also plays a big role in determining the quilt size.

We had a hectic weekend, so today I was just to tired to do ANYTHING, this morning I slept for almost 2 hours on the couch and then I fiddled with the pincushion for a I am back on the couch.... but supper doesn't appear magically on the stove top, so I better get a move on!!


  1. Lieflike web-kwilt. Jy het baie goeie geluk, met die dat jou berkeningsfout tog aan die einde van die dag nie so 'n groot probeem is nie. Nie-te-min lyk die kwilt fantasties!
    Baie oulike speldekussing.

  2. Your spider web is really pretty. Beautiful colors. Look forward to the finish!