Thursday, January 31, 2013

Busy ♥ busy ♥ busy

My new little bag!! I must confess, I am not a handbag person.... yes I might own a few, but they spent most of their time standing on my kitchen counter. I usually just grab my wallet and cellphone and off I go! But then I end up with car keys as well and I often wear a dress with no pockets so a problem arise.... Problem sorted! This new bag drapes across my chest, front pocket for cash, back pocket for car keys and a separate pocket for my credit card and the main pocket for my cell phone and tissues!!

Here is the link to the pattern: I just adjusted it smaller because that's what I wanted! My friend fell in love straight away, so I am sewing her one quickly as she leaves for Australia on Saturday and she says it the perfect travel size bag for her!


  1. Love it! I'm not a handbag person either, so this one will be very useful. Thanks for the link! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Excellent little bag, will have to try it too!